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Location codes 21-40 of 50 in Chad:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AKM Zakouma [Zakouma Airport], Salamat, TD
FTTI ATV Ati, Batha, TD
OUM Oum-Hadjer [Oum-Hadjer Airport], Batha, TD
FTTE Biltine [Biltine Airport], Wadi Fira, TD
FT10 Gounou-Gaya [Gounou-Gaya Airport], TD
FT14 Kelo [Kelo Airport], TD
FT16 Koukou Angarana [Koukou Angarana Airport], TD
FT25 Moyto [Moyto Airport], TD
FT19 Lere [Lere Airport], TD
FT18 Kyabe [Kyabe Airport], TD
FT04 Am-Dam [Am-Dam Airport], TD
GC0101 Naramay [Naramay East Airport], Chari-Baguirmi, TD
FT08 Doba [Doba Airport], TD
FT29 Salal [Salal Airport], TD
FT15 Koro-Toro [Koro-Toro Airport], TD
FT02 Ade [Ade Airport], TD
FT13 Iriba [Iriba Airport], TD
FT06 Daguessa [Daguessa Airport], TD
FT26 N'Gouri [N'Gouri Airport], TD
FT09 Fianga [Fianga Airport], TD

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