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Location codes 1-16 of 16 in Eswatini (Swaziland):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FDSK SHO Manzini [King Mswati III Intl (Sikhuphe Intl)], Lubombo, SZ
FDMS MTS Manzini [Matasapha Airport], Manzini, SZ
FDUB Big Bend [Ubombo Ranches Airfield], Lubombo, SZ
FDNG Ngonini [Piggs Peak Airfield], Hhohho, SZ
FDKS Kubuta [Kubuta Airfield], Shiselweni, SZ
FDNS Nsoko [Nsoko Airfield], Lubombo, SZ
FDBM Big Bend [Matata], Lubombo, SZ
FDBT Big Bend [Tambuti Airfield], Lubombo, SZ
FDBS Big Bend [Sugar Estate], Lubombo, SZ
FDST Siteki [Siteki Airfield], Lubombo, SZ
FDNH Nhlangano [Nhlangano Airstrip], Shiselweni, SZ
FDMH Mhlume [Mhlume Airfield], Lubombo, SZ
FDTS Tshaneni [Tshaneni Airfield], Hhohho, SZ
FDLV Lavumisa, Shiselweni, SZ
FDSM Simunye [Simunye Airfield], Lubombo, SZ
FDTM Tambankulu (Tambankula), Lubombo, SZ



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