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Location codes 1-20 of 24 in Syrian Arab Republic (Syria):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OSDI DAM Damascus [Intl], Dimashq, SY
OSAP ALP Aleppo [Intl], Halab, SY
OSDZ DEZ Deir ez-Zor [Al Jafrah], Dayr az Zawr, SY
OSLK LTK Latakia [Bassel al Assad Intl], Al Ladhiqiyah, SY
OSKL KAC Kamishly (Kameshli) [Kamishly Airport], Al Hasakah, SY
OSPR PMS Palmyra [Palmyra Airport], Homs, SY
SOR Al Thaurah [Al Thaurah Airport], Dayr az Zawr, SY
OS60 Tha'lah (As Suwayda) [Tha'lah AB (As Suwayda West)], As Suwayda, SY
OS57 Abu Ad Duhur [Abu Ad Duhur AB], Halab, SY
OS64 Al Nasiriyah (Jayrud) [Al Nasiriyah AB], Dimashq, SY
OS68 Sayqal (Saigal) [Sayqal AB], Dimashq, SY
OS66 Kuweires Sharqi (Rasin El Aboud) [Kuweires AB], Halab, SY
OS67 Mezzeh [Mezzeh AB], Dimashq, SY
OS73 Al Al (Fiq) [Fiq/Al Al Airfield], Al Qunaytirah, SY
OS59 Tabqa [Tabqa AB], Ar Raqqah, SY
OS63 Marj Rhayal [Marj Ruhayyil AB], Dimashq, SY
OS62 Jirah (Djerah) [Jirah AB], Halab, SY
OS58 Hamah [Hamah Military Airport], Hamah, SY
OS61 Al Dumayr [Al Dumayr Military Airport], Dimashq, SY
OS65 Daghdaghan [Shayrat AB], Homs, SY

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