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Location codes 1-20 of 26 in Somalia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
HCMM MGQ Mogadishu [Aden Adde Intl], Banaadir, SO
HCMH HGA Hargeisa [Hargeisa Intl (Egal Intl)], Woqooyi Galbeed, SO
HCMR GLK Galkayo (Galcaio) [Abdullahi Yusuf Intl (Galkayo Airport)], Mudug, SO
HCMF BSA Boosaaso (Bosaso, Bossaso) [Bender Qassim Intl], Bari, SO
HCMN Beledweyne (Belet Uen) [Beedweyne Airport (Duqow Ahmed Fiidow)], Hiiraan, SO
HCMK KMU Kisimayu (Kismayo) [Kisimayu Airport], Jubbada Hoose, SO
HCMO CMO Obbia (Hobyo), Mudug, SO
HCMJ LGX Luuq (Lugh) [Lugh Ganane Airport], Gedo, SO
HCMI BBO Berbera [Berbera Airport], Woqooyi Galbeed, SO
HCMW GGR Garowe (Garoowe) [Intl], Nugaal, SO
HCME HCM Eil (Eyl) [Eil Airport], Nugaal, SO
HCMU ERA Erigavo (Ceerigaabo) [Erigavo Airport], Sanaag, SO
HCMV BUO Burao, Togdheer, SO
HCMB BIB Baidoa [Baidoa Airport], Bay, SO
HCMS CMS Iskushuban (Scusciuban) [Iskushuban Airport], Bari, SO
HCMA ALU Alula [Alula Airport], Bari, SO
HCMC CXN Candala (Qandala) [Candala Airport], Bari, SO
HCMG GSR Gardo (Qardho), Bari, SO
HCMD BSY Bardera, Gedo, SO
BXX Borama [Borama Airport], Awdal, SO

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