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Location codes 141-160 of 377 in Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
SWG Satwag, Morobe, PG
AYNR NOM Nomad River [Nomad River Airport], Western, PG
AYBQ BPK Biangabip [Biangabip Airport], Western, PG
AYSD SDI Saidor [Saidor Airport], Madang, PG
DOS Dios, Bougainville, PG
ESA Esa'Ala, Milne Bay, PG
KGH Yongai, Central, PG
RAW Arawa, Bougainville, PG
SBV Sabah, Borneo, Bougainville, PG
BOV Boang Island, Tanga Islands, New Ireland, PG
AYWG AGL Wanigela [Wanigela Airport], Northern, PG
CVL Cape Vogel, Milne Bay, PG
PGE Yegepa, Morobe, PG
AYAW AWB Awaba, Western, PG
AYKC KDR Kandrian [Kandrian Airport], West New Britain, PG
MGP Manga, New Ireland, PG
ABW Abau, Central, PG
KWO Kawito, Western, PG
AYXP WPM Wipim [Wipim Airport], Western, PG
LGN Linga Linga, West New Britain, PG

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