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Location codes 121-140 of 377 in Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
LNG Lese, Gulf, PG
AYET BOT Boset (Bosset), Western, PG
UKU Nuku, Sandaun, PG
AYVL TLW Talasea [Talasea Airport], West New Britain, PG
AYAY AYU Aiyura (Ukarumpa) [Aiyura Airport], Eastern Highlands, PG
AYTA TIZ Tari, Southern Highlands, PG
TEP Teptep, Madang, PG
AYBH BSP Bensbach [Bensbach Airport], Western, PG
AYFR FAQ Frieda River (Freida River), Sandaun, PG
AYNG MFO Manguna (Manguna Plantation) [Manguna Airport], East New Britain, PG
ERE Erave, Southern Highlands, PG
BOQ Boku, Bougainville, PG
MPX Miyanmin, Sandaun, PG
AYSK SGK Sangapi, Madang, PG
AGK Kagua, Southern Highlands, PG
BPD Bapi, Morobe, PG
NIS Simberi Island, New Ireland, PG
AYMA MRM Manari (Manare) [Manari Airport], Central, PG
AYLM LMY Lake Murray [Lake Murray Airport], Western, PG
EMI Emirau, New Ireland, PG

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