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Location codes 181-200 of 218 in New Zealand:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NZBU Burnham, NZ
NZCC Cape Campbell, NZ
NZDF Deepfreeze, NZ
NZDI Dog Island, NZ
NZFY Ferry, NZ
NZGG Golden Gate Lodge, NZ
NZGH Greenhithe, NZ
NZHD Whiteford, NZ
NZHL Henley, NZ
NZKB Kilbirnie, NZ
NZKL Kelburn, NZ
NZKS Kaitorete Spit, NZ
NZLR Rotorua Lakes, NZ
NZMI Mosgiel, NZ
NZMU Moko Hinau, NZ
NZMX Maxwell, NZ
NZND Norsewood, NZ
NZNL Newlands, NZ
NZNY Hornby, NZ
NZOD Woodend, NZ

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