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Location codes 41-60 of 68 in Netherlands:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EHOW Oostwold [Oostwold Airport], Groningen, NL
EHST Stadskanaal [Stadskanaal Airport], Groningen, NL
(EHYB) Ypenburg [RNLAFB], Zuid-Holland, NL (Airport is no longer in operation)
EH58 Heerlen Brunssum [Brunssum AFCENT Heliport], Limburg, NL
ZVL Dutch Rail Zone 01 [Railway Service], NL
EHSB Utrecht [Soesterberg AB], Utrecht, NL (Code changed to EHSB.OLD)
ZUO Dutch Rail Zone 16 [Railway Service], NL
ZUQ Dutch Rail Zone 18 [Railway Service], NL
ZUU Dutch Rail Zone 22 [Railway Service], NL
ZUV Dutch Rail Zone 23 [Railway Service], NL
ZUY Dutch Rail Zone 26 [Railway Service], NL
ZUZ Dutch Rail Zone 27 [Railway Service], NL
ZVN Dutch Rail Zone 03 [Railway Service], NL
ZVO Dutch Rail Zone 04 [Railway Service], NL
ZVP Dutch Rail Zone 05 [Railway Service], NL
ZVQ Dutch Rail Zone 06 [Railway Service], NL
ZVS Dutch Rail Zone 08 [Railway Service], NL
ZVT Dutch Rail Zone 09 [Railway Service], NL
ZVU Dutch Rail Zone 10 [Railway Service], NL
ZVW Dutch Rail Zone 12 [Railway Service], NL

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