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Location codes 81-95 of 95 in Malaysia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WMAE Bidor, Perak, MY
MZS Mostyn, Sabah, MY
ZJT Tanjung Pelepas [Tanjung Pelepas Ferry Terminal], Johor, MY
WBGA Long Atip, Sarawak, MY
SPT Sipitang, Sarawak, MY
WBGY (SGG) Simanggang, Sarawak, MY
WMAA Bahau, MY
WMAB Batu Pahat, MY
WMAG Dungun, MY
WMAL Kuala Krai, MY
WMAO Kong Kong, MY
WMAQ Labis, MY
WMBB Sungei Patani, MY
WMBJ Jugra, MY
WMKS Kuala Lumpar RMAF, MY

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