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Location codes 1-12 of 12 in Maldives:

ICAO  IATA  Location
VRMM MLE Malé [Malé Intl (Ibrahim Nasir Intl, Hulhulé Airport)], Hulhulé Island, Malé, MV
VRMG GAN Gan (Addu City) [Intl], Gan Island, MV
VRMO GKK Kooddoo Island [Kooddoo Airport], Gaafu Alifu Atoll, MV
VRNT TMF Thimarafushi [Thimarafushi Airport], Thaa Atoll, MV
VRMV VAM Maamigili Island [Villa Intl], Alif Dhaal Atoll, MV
VRMK KDO Kadhdhoo [Kadhdhoo Airport], Kadhdhoo Island, MV
VRMD DRV Dharavandhoo Island [Dharavandhoo Airport], Baa Atoll, MV
VREI IFU Ifuru [Ifuru Airport], Raa Atoll, North, MV
VRMH HAQ Hanimaadhoo [Intl], Hanimaadhoo Island, MV
VRMU DDD Kudahuvadhoo [Dhaalu Airport], Dhaalu Atoll, MV
VRMT KDM Kaadedhdhoo [Kaadedhdhoo Airport], Kaadedhdhoo Island, MV
VRMR FVM Fuvahmulah (Fuvahmulaku) [Fuvahmulah Airport], Gnaviyani Atoll, MV



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