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Location codes 1-20 of 31 in Mongolia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
ZMUB ULN Ulan Bator [Chinggis Khaan Intl (Genghis Khan Intl, Buyant Ukha Airport)], Ulaanbaatar, MN
ZMKB Khanbogd [Khanbumbat Airport (Oyu Tolgoi Airport, Oyut Airport)], Ömnögovi, MN
ZMBU UUN Baruun-Urt [Baruun-Urt Airport], Sühbaatar, MN
ZMMG MXW Mandalgovi (Mandalgobi) [Mandalgovi Airport], Dundgovi, MN
ZMDN ULZ Uliastai [Donoi Airport (New Uliastai Airport)], Dzavhan, MN
ZMSH Sainshand [Sainshand Airport], Dornogovi, MN
ZMKD HVD Khovd [Khovd Airport], Hovd, MN
ZMCD COQ Choibalsan [Choibalsan Airport], Dornod, MN
ZMUH UNR Öndörkhaan (Under Khan) [Öndörkhaan Airport], Hentiy, MN
ZMHH KHR Kharkhorin [Kharkhorin Airport], Övörhangai, MN
ZMBS HBU Bulgan Sum [Bulgan Sum Airport], Hovd, MN
ZMUL ULG Ölgii (Ulgit) [Ölgii Airport], Bayan-Ölgiy, MN
ZMHU HJT Khujirt [Khujirt Airport], Övörhangai, MN
ZMDZ DLZ Dalanzadgad [Dalanzadgad Airport], Ömnögovi, MN
ZMBN UGA Bulgan [Bulgan Airport], Bulgan, MN
ZMAT LTI Altai [Altai Airport], Govi-Altay, MN
ZMMN MXV Mörön (Muren) [Mörön Airport], Hövsgöl, MN
ZMBH BYN Bayankhongor [Bayankhongor Airport], Bayanhongor, MN
ZMUG ULO Ulaangom [Ulaangom Airport], Uvs, MN
ZMBD Binder, Hentiy, MN

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