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Location codes 21-40 of 81 in Myanmar (Burma):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VYNT NMT Namtu, Shan, MM
VYCI Coco Island [Coco Island Airport], Great Coco Island, Yangon, MM
VYKL KMV Kalemyo (Kalay), Sagaing, MM
VYGW GWA Gwa, Rakhine, MM
VYPY PRU Prome (Pye/Pyay), Bago, MM
VYLS LSH Lashio, Shan, MM
VYMH Mong Hpayak, MM
VYMS MOG Mong Hsat, Shan, MM
VYBO VY01 Bago (Pegu), Bago, MM
VYPT PBU Putao, Kachin, MM
VYPK PAU Pauk, Magway, MM
VYPU PKK Pakokku, Magway, MM
VYKU KYT Kyauktaw, Magway, MM
VYGG GAW Gangaw, Magway, MM
VYHN TIO Tilin, Magway, MM
VYCZ VBC Mandalay [Mandalay Chanmyathazi Airport], Mandalay, MM
VYAN VBA Ann [Ann Airport], Rakhine, MM
VYLK LIW Loikaw, Kayah, MM
VYPN BSX Bassein (Pathein), Ayeyawady, MM
VYAS Maymo [Anisakan], MM

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