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Location codes 1-20 of 21 in Latvia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
EVRA RIX Riga [Intl (Skulte)], LV
EVRS Riga (Tesentralny) [Spilve], LV
EVLA LPX Liepaya [Intl], LV
EVDA DGP Daugavpils (Lociki) [Daugavpils Intl], LV
EVGA Lielvarde, LV
EVVA VTS Ventspils [Intl], LV
EVFA Vainode (Vainodo), LV
EVEA Yelgava (Jelgava), LV
EVTA Tukums, LV
EVKA Yekabpils (Krustpils), LV
EVPA Ikshkile, LV
EVAA Aizpute, LV
EVBA Griva, LV
EVCA Cessis, LV
EVHA Limbazi, LV
EVIA Cirvana, LV
EVJA Kuldiga, LV
EVMA Augstkaine, LV
EVNA Rezekne, LV

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