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Location codes 1-20 of 35 in Lesotho:

ICAO  IATA  Location
FXMM MSU Maseru [Moshoeshoe Intl], Maseru, LS
FXTA THB Thaba-Tseka [Thaba-Tseka Airport], Thaba-Tseka, LS
FXKA Katse, Thaba-Tseka, LS
FXLS LES Lesobeng [Lesobeng Airport], Thaba-Tseka, LS
FXMA MSG Matsaile [Matsaile Airport], Thaba-Tseka, LS
FXSH SHK Sehonghong [Sehonghong Airport], Thaba-Tseka, LS
FXMS Mashai Store, LS
FXNK NKU Nkaus [Nkaus Airport], Mohale's Hoek, LS
FXQN UNE Qacha's Nek [Qacha's Nek Airport], Qacha's Nek, LS
FXTK TKO Tlokoeng [Tlokoeng Airport], Mokhotlong, LS
FXLR LRB Leribe (Hlotse) [Leribe Airport], Leribe, LS
FXSS SHZ Seshote [Seshutes Airport], Leribe, LS
FXMF MFC Mafeteng [Mafeteng Airport], Mafeteng, LS
FXPG PEL Pelaneng [Pelaneng Airport], Leribe, LS
FXQG UTG Quthing [Quthing Airport], Quthing, LS
FXLK LEF Lebakeng [Lebakeng Airport], Qacha's Nek, LS
FXSM SOK Semonkong [Semonkong Airport], Maseru, LS
FXMU Maseru [Mejametalana], Maseru, LS
FXBB Bobete, LS
FXSK SKQ Sekake (Sekakes) [Sekake Airport], Qacha's Nek, LS

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