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Location codes 61-80 of 407 in Republic of Korea (South Korea):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RK38 Baek Ui Ri [G 228], KR
RKD1 Pong Am Dong North R 802 [G 802], KR
RKNS Samcheok (Samchok), KR
RK75 Roka 5TH Div [C 254 Heliport], KR
RK15 Ji Po Ri [G 237], KR
RK54 Ha Nam AH1J Compound [G 280], KR
RK62 Camp Casey Hot Pol [H 220A Heliport], KR
RK49 G 530, KR
RK25 Tongjin [G 107], KR
RK37 Camp Beavers [G 227], KR
RKA6 N 304, KR
RK05 Camp Casey East [H 221 Heliport], KR
RKC9 N 102, KR
RKQ1 Camp Casey Dustoff [H 252 Heliport], KR
RK35 G 225, KR
RK33 G 418, KR
RK96 Richmond Site [H 502 Heliport], KR
RK29 G 203, KR
RK27 G 218, KR
RK23 Camp Stanton [H 112 Heliport], KR

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