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Location codes 321-340 of 407 in Republic of Korea (South Korea):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RK4M Junction City [C 521 Heliport], KR
RK1F McDonald Barracks [C 114 Heliport], KR
RK1K Museum Pad [C 123 Heliport], KR
RK9L N 100, KR
RK9S N 101, KR
RK9M N 103, KR
RK9N N 104, KR
RK8A N 105, KR
RK8B N 106, KR
RK9O N 107, KR
RK8C N 108, KR
RK8D N 109, KR
RK8E N 110, KR
RK8F N 200, KR
RK9P N 201, KR
RK8G N 203, KR
RK9Q N 204, KR
RK9R N 205, KR
RK9W N 208, KR
RK9X N 209, KR

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