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Location codes 141-160 of 343 in Indonesia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WICD CBN Cirebon [Penggung], Jawa Barat, ID
WIPQ PDO Pendopo, Sumatera Selatan, ID
WITB SBG Sabang [Maimun Saleh], Aceh, ID
WIAG AKQ Astraksetra [Gunung Batin], Lampung, ID
WALC BXT Bontang [PT Badak Bontang Airport], Kalimantan Timur, ID
WRBD Kuala Kurun [Kuala Kurun Airport], Kalimantan Tengah, ID
WAWM MXB Masamba [Andi Jemma], Sulawesi Selatan, ID
WAMP PSJ Poso, Sulawesi Tengah, ID
WAVC IUL Ilu [Ilu Airport], Papua, ID
WART SUP Sumenep [Trunojoyo Airport], Jawa Timur, ID
WRTA AYW Ayawasi, Papua, ID
WAJM LII Mulia [Mulia Airport], Papua, ID
WIIG PPJ Pulau Panjang, Banten, ID
WATG RTG Ruteng [Satar Tacik], Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, ID
WIDE PPR Pasir Pangarayan, Riau, ID
WITL LSX Lhok Sukon, Aceh, ID
WAKT TMH Tanahmerah (Tanah Merah) [Tanah Merah Airport], Papua, ID
WAYL ILA Ilaga (Illaga) [Ilaga Airport], Papua, ID
WITM LSW Lhoksumawe [Malikus Saleh], Aceh, ID
WABG WET Wagethe [Wagethe Airport], Deiyai, Papua, ID

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