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Location codes 1-20 of 26 in Guinea-Bissau:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GGOV OXB Bissau [Oswaldo Vieira Intl], GW
GGBU BQE Bubaque, Bijagós Islands, GW
GGBF Bafata, GW
GGCF Cufar, GW
GGBO Bolama, GW
GG64 Aldeia [Quebo], GW
GGBB Bambadinca, GW
GGBE Bedanda, GW
GGBI Bissora, GW
GGCC Cacine, GW
GGCG Cantchungo, GW
GGCT Catio, GW
GGCV Caravela, GW
GGEP Empada, GW
GGFO Formosa, GW
GGFR Farim, GW
GGFU Fulacunda, GW
GGGA Galinhas, GW
GGMS Mansoa, GW

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