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Location codes 21-40 of 72 in Ethiopia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
HAJJ JIJ Jijiga [Garaad Wiil-Waal Airport], Somali, ET
HABB XBL Bedele (Bunno Bedele, Buno Bedelle), Gambela Peoples', ET
HATP TIE Tippi (Tepi) [Tippi Airport], SNNPR, ET
HAWC WAC Wacca [Wacca Airport], SNNPR, ET
HASK SKR Shakiso [Shakiso Airport], Oromia, ET
HAMJ TUJ Maji [Tum Airport], SNNPR, ET
ALK Asela (Asella), Oromia, ET
HADM DBM Debra Marqos [Debra Marqos Airport], Amara, ET
HASD SXU Sodo (Soddu) [Sodo Airport], SNNPR, ET
HAMO OTA Mota (Motta), Amara, ET
HASM SZE Semera [Semera Airport], Afar, ET
HAGM GMB Gambela, Gambela Peoples', ET
HADB DGC Degehabur (Degeh Bur), Somali, ET
HADD DEM Dembidollo [Dembidollo Airport], Oromia, ET
PWI Pawi [Beles Airport], Amara, ET
HADC DSE Combolcha (Dessie) [Combolcha Airport], Amara, ET
HANJ NEJ Nejo [Nejjo Airport], Oromia, ET
HADT DBT Debre Tabor [Debre Tabor Airport], Amara, ET
HAMA MKS Mekane Selam [Mekane Selam Airport], Amara, ET
HAMT MTF Mizan Teferi [Mizan Teferi Airport], SNNPR, ET

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