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Location codes 121-140 of 214 in Colombia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SKSG San Gil, Santander, CO
SKML MTB Montelíbano [Montelíbano Airport], Córdoba, CO
SKVL PYA Puerto Boyacá [Velasquez Airport], Boyacá, CO
SKPC PCR Puerto Carreño [German Olano Airport (Puerto Carreño Airport)], Vichada, CO
SKMN Maní [Maní Airport], Casanare, CO
SCA Santa Catalina, Antioquia, CO
SKCA CPB Capurganá [Capurganá Airport], Chocó, CO
SKHA CPL Chaparral [General Navas Pardo Airport (Chaparral Airport)], Tolima, CO
SKUL ULQ Tuluá [Heriberto Gíl Martínez Airport (Farfán)], Valle del Cauca, CO
SKAC ACR Araracuara [Araracuara Airport], Caquetá, CO
SKCH Cartagena del Chairá [El Pacífico Airport], Caquetá, CO
SKCV CVE Coveñas [Coveñas Airport], Sucre, CO
SKAD ACD Acandí [Alcides Fernández Airport], Chocó, CO
SKCD COG Condoto [Mandinga Airport], Chocó, CO
SKGA LGT Las Gaviotas [Las Gaviotas Airport], Vichada, CO
SJG San Pedro Jagua, Cundinamarca, CO
PYN Payan, Nariño, CO
SKLL Puerto Lleras (La Esperanza) [Lomalinda Airport], Meta, CO
SKAT ARQ SK01 Arauquita [El Troncal Airport], Arauca, CO
SKMB TBD Timbiquí [Timbiquí Airport], Cauca, CO

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