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Location codes 81-100 of 214 in Colombia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SKTM TME Tame [Gabriel Vargas Santos Airport], Arauca, CO
PCC Puerto Rico, Caquetá, CO
SKNC NCI Necoclí [Necoclí Airport (Antioquia Airport)], Antioquia, CO
SKCZ CZU Corozal [Las Brujas Airport], Sucre, CO
SKVF Vigia del Fuerte [Vigia del Fuerte Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKUI UIB Quibdó [El Caraño Airport], Chocó, CO
SKPB Puerto Bolívar (Uribia) [Puerto Bolívar Airport], La Guajira, CO
SKSR SRS San Marcos [San Marcos Airport], Sucre, CO
LRI Santa Cruz de Lorica (Lorica), Córdoba, CO
SKUA Marandúa (Santa Rita) [Luis Arturo Rodríguez Meneses AB], Vichada, CO
PLC Planeta Rica, Córdoba, CO
SKTL TLU Tolú [Golfo de Morrosquillo Airport], Sucre, CO
SKSG San Gil, Santander, CO
SKTB TIB Tibú [Tibú Airport], Norte de Santander, CO
SKAM AFI Amalfi [Amalfi Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKML MTB Montelíbano [Montelíbano Airport], Córdoba, CO
SKME Melgar [Luis Francisco Pinto Parra AB], Tolima, CO
SKTQ TQS Tres Esquinas [Captain Ernesto Esguerra Cubides AB], Caquetá, CO
SKPC PCR Puerto Carreño [German Olano Airport (Puerto Carreño Airport)], Vichada, CO
SKOE ORC Orocue [Orocue Airport], Casanare, CO

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