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Location codes 61-80 of 214 in Colombia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SKLP LPD La Pedrera [La Pedrera Airport], Amazonas, CO
NAD Macanal, Guainía, CO
SKPD PDA Puerto Inirida [Obando Airport], Guainía, CO
SKIB IBE Ibagué [Perales Airport], Tolima, CO
SKBS BSC Bahía Solano [José Celestino Mutis Airport], Chocó, CO
SKEJ EJA Barrancabermeja [Yariguíes Airport], Santander, CO
SKPR PBE Puerto Berrio [Puerto Berrio Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKMB TBD Timbiquí [Timbiquí Airport], Cauca, CO
SKUR URR Urrao [Urrao Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKAN ADN Andes, Antioquia, CO
SKAO Maicao [La Majayura Airport (Maicao Airport)], La Guajira, CO
SKSO SOX Sogamoso [Alberto Lleras Camargo Airport], Boyacá, CO
SKYA AYG San Vicente del Caguán [Yaguara Airport], Caquetá, CO
SKIG IGO Chigorodó [Jaime Ortiz Betancur Airport (Chigorodó Airport)], Antioquia, CO
SKPQ PAL Palanquero (Puerto Salgar) [Germán Olano Moreno AB], Cundinamarca, CO
SKEP El Paso [La Linea Airport], Tolima, CO
SKVF Vigia del Fuerte [Vigia del Fuerte Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKCM CIM Cimitarra [Cimitarra Airport], Santander, CO
SKUB URI La Uribe [La Uribe Airport], Meta, CO
SKTM TME Tame [Gabriel Vargas Santos Airport], Arauca, CO

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