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Location codes 181-200 of 423 in China:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZUZH PZI Panzhihua (Dukao City), Sichuan, CN
ZBDT DAT Datong, Shaanxi, CN
ZUGU GYS Guangyuan (Guang Yuan), Sichuan, CN
ZWSC QSZ Shache [Yeerqiang Airport (Shache Airport)], Xinjiang, CN
ZWAK AKU Aksu, Xinjiang, CN
ZBOW BAV Baotou [Baotou Erliban Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN
ZWTN HTN Hotan, Xinjiang, CN
ZBMZ NZH Manzhouli [Manzhouli Xijiao Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN
ZHSN HPG Shennongjia (Hongping) [Shennongjia Hongping Airport], Hubei, CN
ZLHX HTT Mangnai (Huatugou) [Huatugou Airport], Qinghai, CN
ZHGH LHK Guanghua, Hubei, CN
ZBZJ ZQZ Zhangjiakou [Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport (Zhangjiakou AB)], Hubei, CN
ZBCF CIF Chifeng [Yulong Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN
ZWAT AAT Altay, Xinjiang, CN
ZWKL KRL Korla, Xinjiang, CN
ZUYI ACX Xingyi [Xingyi Wanfenglin Airport], Guizhou, CN
ZUDC DCY Daocheng [Daocheng Yading Airport], Sangdui, Sichuan, CN
ZBLL LLV Lüliang [Lüliang Airport], Shaanxi, CN
ZYJX JXA Jixi (Jidong) [Jixi Xingkaihu Airport], Heilongjiang, CN
ZWFY FYN Fuyun [Fuyun Koktokay Airport], Xinjiang, CN

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