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Location codes 21-39 of 39 in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DIGL GGO Guiglo [Guiglo Airport], 18 Montagnes, CI
DIDK DIM Dimbokro [Dimbokro (Ville)], Lacs, CI
DIDV DIV Divo, Sud-Bandama, CI
DIDB Dabou, Lagunes, CI
KTC Katiola, Vallée du Bandama, CI
LKT Lakota, Sud-Bandama, CI
DIFK FEK Ferkessédougou [Ferkessédougou Airport], Savanes, CI
DIBI BXI Boundiali [Boundiali Airport], Savanes, CI
DIAU OGO Abengourou, Moyen-Comoé, CI
BRZ Borotou, Bafing, CI
DNC Danane, 18 Montagnes, CI
DIAD Adiake, Sud-Comoé, CI
DIBC Bocanda [Bocanda Airport], Lacs, CI
DIAE Agboville, Agnébi, CI
TGX Tingréla, Savanes, CI
MOK Mankono, Worodougou, CI
ZUE Zuenoula, Marahoué, CI
DI01 Katiola [Katiola Airport], Vallée du Bandama, CI
DIPG Port Gauthier, CI

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