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Location codes 101-120 of 286 in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FZQG KEC Kasenga [Kasenga Airport], Katanga, CD
FZBE Beno, Bandundu, CD
FZOO Kailo, Maniema, CD
FZAL LZI Luozi, Bas-Congo, CD
FZVI LBO Lusambo [Lusambo Airport], Kasai-Oriental, CD
FZUH Moma, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZNQ Obaye, CD
FZCU Ito, Bandundu, CD
FZGV IKL Ikela, Équateur, CD
FZQH Katwe, Katanga, CD
FZNF Lubero, CD
FZDD Wamba Luadi, Bandundu, CD
FZDG Nyanga, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZVO Beni-Dibele, Kasai-Oriental, CD
FZFS Karawa, Équateur, CD
FZJR Kere Kere, Orientale, CD
FZSC Songa, Katanga, CD
FZCK Kajiji, Bandundu, CD
FZBN Malebo, Bandundu, CD
FZDP Mukedi, Bandundu, CD

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