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Location codes 21-39 of 39 in Botswana:

ICAO  IATA  Location
FBTP Thebephatshwa [Thebephatshwa Airport (Molepolole AB)], Kweneng, BW
FBTS TBY Tshabong [Tshabong Airport], Kgalagadi, BW
FBCO Camp Okavango [Camp Okavango Airport], North-West, BW
FBXG Xugana [Xugana Airport], North-West, BW
FBJW JWA Jwaneng [Jwaneng Airport], Southern, BW
FBSR Serowe [Serowe Airport], Central, BW
FBKG Kang [Kang Airport], Kgalagadi, BW
FBLO LOQ Lobatse [Lobatse Airport], South-East, BW
FBKY Kanye [Kanye Airport], Southern, BW
FBXB Xaxaba [Xaxaba Airfield], North-West, BW
FBGM Gomare [Gomare Airport], North-West, BW
HUK Hukuntsi [Hukuntsi Airport], Kgalagadi, BW
FBNN Nokaneng [Nokaneng Airport], North-West, BW
FBMG Machaneng [Machaneng Airport], Central, BW
FBLT Letlhakane, Central, BW
FBML Molepolole [Molepolole Airport], Kweneng, BW
FBMS Mosetse, Central, BW
FBPA Pandamatenga [Pandamatenga Airport], North-West, BW
FBSD Serondela [Serondela Airstrip], Central, BW

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