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Location codes 61-80 of 108 in Belgium:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EBEU Edegem [Uza], Antwerpen, BE
EBFR Francorchamps, Liège, BE
EBHN Hoevenen, Antwerpen, BE
EBLB Bütgenbach [Elsenborn-Bütgenbach AB], Liège, BE
EBBO Bouillon [Mogimont], Luxembourg, BE
EBBG Bastogne [Michamps], Luxembourg, BE
EBDL Dilsen-Stokkem [Lanklaar], Limburg, BE
EBSL Zutendaal [Zutendaal AB], Limburg, BE
EBTK Tielen [Kasterlee], Antwerpen, BE
EBBX Bertrix [Jehonville], Luxembourg, BE
EBGG Geraardsbergen [Overboelare], Oost-Vlaanderen, BE
EBML Assesse [Maillen], Namur, BE
EBDW Diest [Webbekom], Vlaams-Brabant, BE
EBLI Lierneux, Limburg, BE
EBOV Overijse, Vlaams-Brabant, BE
EBZU Zuienkerke, West-Vlaanderen, BE
EBBA Baudour, Hainaut, BE
EBCF Cerfontaine, Namur, BE
EBME Meerbeek, Vlaams-Brabant, BE
EBBN Büllingen, Liège, BE

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