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Location codes 161-180 of 905 in Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YCBA CAZ Cobar, New South Wales, AU
YPAG PUG Port Augusta, South Australia, AU
YNWN ZNE Newman, Western Australia, AU
YPDO PRD Pardoo, Western Australia, AU
MBN Mt. Barnett, Western Australia, AU
YVAL Sheffield (The Vale) [The Vale Airfield], Tasmania, AU
YDAL Dallas, New South Wales, AU
YMOR MRZ Moree, New South Wales, AU
YCCY CNJ Cloncurry, Queensland, AU
YGTH GFF Griffith, New South Wales, AU
MBF Mount Buffalo, Victoria, AU
YGIB GBV Gibb River, Western Australia, AU
YCLQ Cape Leveque [Cape Leveque Airport], Western Australia, AU
YSMR STH Strathmore, Queensland, AU
YORG OAG Orange [Springhill], New South Wales, AU
YBKT BUC Burketown, Queensland, AU
YBTH BHS Bathurst, New South Wales, AU
YESE ERQ Cloncurry [Elrose Mine Aerodrome], Queensland, AU
YPED Edinburgh, South Australia, AU
YKUB KUG Kubin Island, Queensland, AU

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