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Location codes 121-140 of 896 in Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YSNB SNB Milikapiti [Snake Bay], Melville Island, Northern Territory, AU
YHML HLT Hamilton, Victoria, AU
YTWB TWB Toowoomba, Queensland, AU
YORG OAG Orange [Springhill], New South Wales, AU
YABI ABG Abingdon Downs, Queensland, AU
YARM ARM Armidale, New South Wales, AU
YPAG PUG Port Augusta, South Australia, AU
YYMI XMY Yam Island (Iama), Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, AU
YBTI BRT Nguiu [Bathurst Island], Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, AU
YESP EPR Esperance, Western Australia, AU
YBDG BXG East Bendigo [Bendigo Airport], Victoria, AU
YBUN BUY Bunbury, Western Australia, AU
YCCY CNJ Cloncurry, Queensland, AU
YPBO PBO Paraburdoo, Western Australia, AU
YSGE SGO St. George, Queensland, AU
YWKH WHM Wickham, Western Australia, AU
YCIN DCN Derby [RAAF Curtin], Western Australia, AU
YPKT PKT Port Keats, Northern Territory, AU
YTST TTX Truscott-Mungalalu (Kalumburu) [Truscott-Mungalalu Airport], Western Australia, AU
YCOI CIE Collie, Western Australia, AU

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