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No exact matches. Location codes 21-40 of 272 similar to MA84:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
26NJ Cape May Court House [Cape Regional Medical Center Heliport], New Jersey, US
MD08 Havre De Grace [Gregory May Heliport], Maryland, US
13VG Salem [May Heliport], Virginia, US
0U8 May, Idaho, US
0ID2 May [Flying Joseph Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
OK54 Alva [May Ranch Airport], Oklahoma, US
0AK5 May Creek [Young Creek Airport], Alaska, US
FCBB BZV Brazzaville [Maya Maya], Pool, CG
PHOG OGG OGG Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, US
FSIA SEZ Mahé (Victoria) [Seychelles Intl], Mahé Island, Pointe Larue, SC
PHHN HNM HNM Hana, Maui, Hawaii, US
EIKN NOC Knock (Connaught) [Ireland West Airport Knock (Knock Intl)], County Mayo, Connacht, IE
MGMM FRS Flores (Santa Elena) [Mundo Maya Intl (Flores Intl)], Petén, GT
SADO San Miguel [Campo de Mayo Airport], Buenos Aires, AR
PHJH JHM JHM Lahaina [Kapalua Airport], Maui, Hawaii, US
NZUB Maui B [Heliport], NZ
CYMA YMA Mayo [Mayo Airport], Yukon, CA
FZWA MJM Mbuji Mayi [Mbuji Mayi Airport], Kasai-Oriental, CD
GVMA MMO Vila do Maio (Porto Inglez) [Maio], Maio, CV
LPVL Maia [Vilar da Luz], Porto, PT

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