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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 715'N 3635'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HAJM JIM Jimma [Aba Segud Airport (Jimma Airport)], Oromia, ET (33 mi / 53 km NE)
HAWC WAC Wacca [Wacca Airport], SNNPR, ET (40 mi / 65 km E)
HABU BCY Bulchi (Bulki] [Bulchi Airport], SNNPR, ET (71 mi / 115 km S)
HAMT MTF Mizan Teferi [Mizan Teferi Airport], SNNPR, ET (75 mi / 120 km W)
HATP TIE Tippi (Tepi) [Tippi Airport], SNNPR, ET (83 mi / 133 km W)
HABB XBL Bedele (Bunno Bedele, Buno Bedelle), Gambela Peoples', ET (84 mi / 136 km N)
HASD SXU Sodo (Soddu) [Sodo Airport], SNNPR, ET (86 mi / 139 km E)
HAGR GOR Gore [Gore Airport], Oromia, ET (95 mi / 153 km NW)
HABC BCO Jinka (Baco) [Baco Airport], SNNPR, ET (101 mi / 162 km S)
HAAM AMH Arba Minch [Arba Minch Airport], SNNPR, ET (108 mi / 174 km SE)
HAMR MUJ Mui (Mui River) [Mui Airport], SNNPR, ET (112 mi / 181 km SW)
HAMJ TUJ Maji [Tum Airport], SNNPR, ET (121 mi / 195 km SW)
HANK NEK Nekemte [Nekemte Airport], Oromia, ET (124 mi / 199 km N)
HALA AWA Awassa (Lake Awasa), SNNPR, ET (131 mi / 212 km E)
GHD Gimbi (Ghimbi), Oromia, ET (143 mi / 231 km N)
HADD DEM Dembidollo [Dembidollo Airport], Oromia, ET (148 mi / 239 km NW)
HAGM GMB Gambela, Gambela Peoples', ET (151 mi / 243 km NW)
HAFN FNH Fincha [Fincha Airport], Oromia, ET (169 mi / 272 km N)
HADO Dodola [Dodola Airport], Oromia, ET (170 mi / 274 km E)
HSPA Pochalla (Pachella) [Pochalla Airport], Jonglei, SS (170 mi / 274 km W)

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