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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 6027'36"N 116'51"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GC0110 Hirta (Village Bay) [St. Kilda Helipad], St. Kilda, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (317 mi / 511 km SW)
ZXE Edinburgh [Edinburgh Waverley], Midlothian, Scotland, GB (320 mi / 514 km S)
ULL X6MU Glenforsa (Mull) [Glenforsa Airfield], Aros, Isle of Mull, Scotland, GB (320 mi / 515 km SW)
EGPH EDI Edinburgh [Edinburgh Airport (RAF Turnhouse)], Midlothian, Scotland, GB (321 mi / 517 km S)
ENML MOL Molde [r], Mre og Romsdal, NO (323 mi / 519 km NE)
ENLI FAN Farsund [Lista], NO (324 mi / 521 km SE)
EGPR BRR North Bay (Castle Bay, Eoligarry, Traigh Mhr) [Barra (Eoligarry)], Isle of Barra, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (325 mi / 523 km SW)
EGPG Cumbernauld [Cumbernauld Aerodrome], Scotland, GB (326 mi / 524 km S)
EGEL COL Coll Island, Scotland, GB (329 mi / 530 km SW)
ENDI DLD Dagali [Geilo], Buskerud, NO (335 mi / 539 km E)
EGEG Glasgow [City Heliport], Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB (337 mi / 542 km S)
ENFY Fyresdal, NO (337 mi / 543 km E)
EGPF GLA Glasgow [Abbotsinch], Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB (338 mi / 543 km S)
LPH Lochgilphead, Scotland, GB (341 mi / 548 km SW)
EGPU TRE Tiree, Isle of Tiree, Argyll, Scotland, GB (341 mi / 548 km SW)
RAY Rothesay [Heliport], Isle of Bute, Scotland, GB (348 mi / 561 km SW)
EGQM Boulmer, Northumberland, England, GB (349 mi / 561 km S)
EKHD North Sea [Harald Helideck], DK (349 mi / 561 km SE)
ENKB KSU Kristiansund [Kvernberget], NO (350 mi / 563 km NE)
ENUK GLL Gol [Klanten], NO (352 mi / 566 km E)

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