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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 650'13"S 3916'11"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HTDA DAR Dar es Salaam [Julius Nyerere Intl (Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere Intl)], Dar es Salaam, TZ (5 mi / 9 km SW)
HTZA ZNZ Zanzibar City [Abeid Amani Karume Intl], Zanzibar West, TZ (42 mi / 68 km N)
HTMA MFA Mafia Island [Mafia Airport], Coast, TZ (79 mi / 127 km S)
HTUT Utete [Utete Airport], Coast, TZ (87 mi / 140 km S)
HTMG Morogoro [Morogoro Airstrip], Morogoro, TZ (111 mi / 179 km W)
HTPE PMA Chake-Chake [Pemba Airport (Karume Airport, Wawi Airport)], Pemba South, TZ (115 mi / 185 km N)
HTTG TGT Tanga [Tanga Airport], Tanga, TZ (121 mi / 194 km N)
HTKI KIY Kilwa Masoko [Kilwa Masoko Airport], Lindi, TZ (143 mi / 231 km S)
HTMO Mombo [Mombo Airstrip], Tanga, TZ (150 mi / 242 km NW)
HTMK Mikumi National Park [Kikoboga Airstrip], Morogoro, TZ (152 mi / 244 km W)
HTKS Kilosa [Kilosa Airport], Morogoro, TZ (155 mi / 249 km W)
LUY Lushoto, Tanga, TZ (157 mi / 252 km NW)
HKUK UKA Ukunda (Diani) [Diani Airport], KE (176 mi / 283 km N)
HKMO MBA Mombasa [Moi Intl], KE (194 mi / 312 km N)
HTMX Mpwapwa [Mpwapwa Airport], Dodoma, TZ (194 mi / 313 km W)
BMQ Bamburi, KE (199 mi / 320 km N)
HTKO Kongwa [Kongwa Airport], Dodoma, TZ (202 mi / 325 km W)
HTLI LDI Lindi [Lindi Airport (Kikwetu Airport)], Lindi, TZ (210 mi / 338 km S)
VPG Vipingo [Vipingo Estate Airstrip], KE (211 mi / 340 km N)
HKMR Mackinnon Road, KE (214 mi / 344 km N)

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