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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 642'N 836'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DNMK MDI Makurdi [Makurdi Airport (Makurdi AFB)], Benue, NG (69 mi / 111 km N)
DNEN ENU Enugu [Akanu Ibiam Intl], Enugu, NG (73 mi / 117 km W)
FKKF MMF Mamfe [Mamfe Airport], South-West, CM (84 mi / 135 km SE)
FK14 Nguti [Nguti Airport], South-West, CM (109 mi / 176 km SE)
FKKG BLC Bali [Bali Airport], North-West, CM (113 mi / 182 km SE)
FKKV BPC Bamenda [Bamenda Airport], North-West, CM (114 mi / 184 km SE)
DNCA CBQ Calabar [Margaret Ekpo Intl], Cross River, NG (120 mi / 193 km S)
DNIM QOW Owerri [Sam Mbakwe Airport (Imo Start Airport)], Imo, NG (130 mi / 209 km SW)
DNAI QUO Uyo [Akwa Ibom Intl], Akwa Ibom, NG (130 mi / 209 km S)
FKKS DSC Dschang [Dschang Airport], West, CM (132 mi / 213 km SE)
DNAS ABB Asaba [Intl], Delta, NG (137 mi / 221 km W)
FKKU BFX Bafoussem [Bafoussem Airport], West, CM (145 mi / 233 km SE)
DNEK DN55 Eket [Eket Airstrip], Akwa Ibom, NG (148 mi / 239 km S)
FKAN NKS Nkongsamba, Littoral, CM (151 mi / 243 km SE)
DN51 Ajaokuta, Kogi, NG (156 mi / 251 km W)
DNPO PHC Port Harcourt (Omagwa) [Port Harcourt Intl], Rivers, NG (162 mi / 261 km SW)
FKKM FOM Foumban (Koutaba) [Foumban Nkounja Airport (Koutaba Airport)], West, CM (165 mi / 265 km SE)
PHG Port Harcourt [Port Harcourt NAF Base (Port Harcourt City Airport)], Rivers, NG (167 mi / 269 km SW)
DNAA ABV Abuja [Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl], Abuja Federal Capital Territory, NG (183 mi / 295 km NW)
FKKC TKC Tiko [Tiko Airport], South-West, CM (187 mi / 301 km S)

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