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No exact matches. Location codes 81-100 of 109 similar to 57AK:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
46CO Pueblo [Huerfano Ag Airport], Colorado, US
SDLJ Paraopeba [Agéo Fazenda Paraopeba], Minas Gerais, BR
10AZ Buckeye [Farm Ag Airport], Arizona, US
SWAF Esmeraldas [Fazenda Água Fria], Minas Gerais, BR
AZ25 Somerton [Tri-Rotor Ag Services Airport], Arizona, US
NE19 Broadwater [Ag Air Airport], Nebraska, US
MM75 Agua Prieta Southwest, Sonora, MX
SSZK Perdizes [Fazenda Água Santa], Minas Gerais, BR
SJWW Água Clara [Fazenda Cachoeira Preta], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
00CL Biggs [Williams Ag Airport], California, US
NE39 Davey [Warbonnet Ag Strip Airport], Nebraska, US
CT42 Goshen [Wings Ago Airstrip], Connecticut, US
SJTE Água Clara [Fazenda Três Marias], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
GC0080 Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen Islands, TF
8TE8 El Campo [Tradewind Ag Airport], Texas, US
14AR Springdale [Ach Springdale Heliport], Arkansas, US
LS18 Welsh [Ag Aviation Airport], Louisiana, US
CAX2 Axe Lake [Axe Lake Aerodrome], Saskatchewan, CA
OR86 Jefferson [Gilmour Ag Air Airport], Oregon, US
67T Agua Dulce [Old Hoppe Place Airport], Texas, US

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