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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 5728'55"N 411'32"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGED EOI Eday [Eday Airport], Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (129 mi / 208 km NE)
EGES NDY Sanday, Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (136 mi / 218 km NE)
EGEW WRY Westray (Aikerness) [Westray Airport], Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (137 mi / 220 km N)
EGPK PIK Glasgow [Prestwick], Ayr, Scotland, GB (137 mi / 221 km S)
EGEP PPW Papa Westray [Papa Westray Airport], Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (138 mi / 222 km N)
EGEN NRL North Ronaldsay, Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (145 mi / 234 km NE)
EGPI ILY Islay [Port Ellen Airport], Argyll, Scotland, GB (147 mi / 237 km SW)
EGEC CAL Campbeltown (Machrihanish) [Campbeltown Airport (RAF Machrihanish)], Argyll, Scotland, GB (153 mi / 246 km SW)
GC0110 Hirta (Village Bay) [St. Kilda Helipad], St. Kilda, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (164 mi / 264 km W)
EGEF FIE Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland, GB (170 mi / 273 km NE)
EGQM Boulmer, Northumberland, England, GB (173 mi / 279 km SE)
EGOM Spadeadam [RAF Spadeadam], Cumbria, England, GB (181 mi / 291 km S)
EGNC CAX Carlisle [Carlisle Lake District Airport], Cumbria, England, GB (184 mi / 296 km S)
EGOY West Freugh, Wigtownshire, Scotland, GB (184 mi / 297 km S)
EGNT NCL Newcastle upon Tyne [Newcastle Intl], Northumberland, England, GB (195 mi / 313 km SE)
EGPB LSI Sumburgh (Sumburgh Cape) [Sumburgh Airport (RAF Sumburgh)], Shetland Islands, Scotland, GB (196 mi / 315 km NE)
FOA Foula, Shetland Islands, Scotland, GB (198 mi / 319 km N)
EGQB BOL Bally Kelly (Ballykelly), County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, GB (200 mi / 321 km SW)
EGAE LDY Londonderry [Eglinton], County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, GB (204 mi / 328 km SW)
EGAC BHD Belfast [George Best Belfast City], County Down, Northern Ireland, GB (209 mi / 336 km S)

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