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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 5555'54"N 221'48"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGCP Thorne, Yorkshire, England, GB (167 mi / 269 km S)
EGNB Brough, Yorkshire, England, GB (169 mi / 272 km SE)
EGOC Bishops Court, Northern Ireland, GB (170 mi / 273 km SW)
QQM Manchester [Piccadilly Railway Station], England, GB (170 mi / 273 km S)
EGXF Cowden, Beverley, England, GB (170 mi / 273 km SE)
EGCB Manchester [Barton], England, GB (170 mi / 274 km S)
EGEL COL Coll Island, Scotland, GB (170 mi / 274 km W)
(EGXQ) Lindholme (Hatfield Woodhouse), Yorkshire, England, GB (174 mi / 280 km S)
EGCF Sandtoft [Sandtoft Airfield (RAF Sandtoft)], Lincolnshire, England, GB (175 mi / 281 km S)
EGAA BFS Belfast [Aldergrove Intl], County Antrim, Northern Ireland, GB (176 mi / 283 km SW)
EGPC WIC Wick (Caithness), Caithness, Scotland, GB (177 mi / 285 km N)
EGPU TRE Tiree, Isle of Tiree, Argyll, Scotland, GB (178 mi / 287 km W)
EGCC MAN Manchester [Ringway Intl], England, GB (178 mi / 287 km S)
(EGXI) (DCS) Doncaster [RAF Finningley], Yorkshire, England, GB (178 mi / 287 km S)
EGCN DSA Doncaster/Sheffield [Robin Hood Airport (RAF Finningley)], Yorkshire, England, GB (178 mi / 287 km S)
EGCD XXB Manchester [Woodford Aerodrome], Cheshire, England, GB (180 mi / 289 km S)
EGSY SZD Sheffield [Sheffield City], Yorkshire, England, GB (180 mi / 289 km S)
EGAL Gortnagallon [Langford Lodge], County Antrim, Northern Ireland, GB (180 mi / 289 km SW)
EGGP LPL Liverpool [Liverpool John Lennon (RAF Speke)], Lancashire, England, GB (181 mi / 291 km S)
EGNJ HUY Humberside, Lincolnshire, England, GB (182 mi / 293 km SE)

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