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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 5221'N 17558'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PASY SYA SYA Shemya [Eareckson Air Station], Alaska, US (82 mi / 132 km W)
PAAT ATU ATU Attu [Casco Cove CGS Airport], Alaska, US (122 mi / 197 km W)
(AHT) Amchitka [Amchitka AFB], Alaska, US (156 mi / 251 km SE)
PADK ADK ADK Adak Island [Adak Airport], Alaska, US (316 mi / 509 km E)
PAAK AKB AKA Atka, Alaska, US (416 mi / 670 km E)
UHPX Nikolskoye [Nikolskoye Airport], Bering Island, Komandorskiye (Commander) Islands, Kamchatskiy, RU (450 mi / 725 km NW)
UHPK Ust'-Kamchatsk [Ust'-Kamchatsk Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (599 mi / 965 km NW)
UHPA Pakhachi [Pakhachi Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (625 mi / 1006 km N)
UHPJ Achajvayam [Achajvayam Heliport], Kamchatskiy, RU (634 mi / 1021 km N)
PAKO IKO IKO Nikolski [Nikolski Air Station], Alaska, US (639 mi / 1028 km E)
PP14 Srednie Pakhachi [Srednie Pakhachi Heliport], Kamchatskiy, RU (641 mi / 1032 km N)
PASN SNP SNP St. Paul Island [St. Paul Island Airport], Alaska, US (643 mi / 1035 km NE)
PAPB STG PBV St. George [St. George Airport], Alaska, US (647 mi / 1041 km NE)
UHAH Khaty'rka, Chukotskiy, RU (673 mi / 1083 km N)
UHPT Tilichiki [Tilichiki Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (673 mi / 1083 km NW)
PP11 Ivashka [Ivashka Heliport], Kamchatskiy, RU (686 mi / 1104 km NW)
UHPF Khailino [Khailino Heliport], Kamchatskiy, RU (688 mi / 1107 km NW)
UHPD Ossora [Ossora Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (690 mi / 1110 km NW)
KCN KCN Chernofski Harbor [Chernofski Harbor SPB], Alaska, US (692 mi / 1113 km E)
UHPO Kozyrevsk [Kozyrevsk Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (700 mi / 1126 km NW)

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