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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 51°10'N 71°26'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UACC NQZ Nur-Sultan (Astana) [Nursultan Nazarbayev Intl], Aqmola, KZ (10 mi / 16 km S)
UAKK KGF Karaganda [Sary-Arka Airport (Karaganda Airport)], Qaraghandy, KZ (133 mi / 214 km SE)
ATX Atbasar [Atbasar Airport], Aqmola, KZ (141 mi / 226 km W)
UASB EKB Ekibastuz [Ekibastuz Airport], Pavlodar, KZ (166 mi / 268 km E)
UA32 Kokchetav Trofimovka, Aqmola, KZ (169 mi / 271 km NW)
UACK KOV Kokshetau (Kokchetav Trofimovka) [Kokshetau Airport], Aqmola, KZ (169 mi / 271 km NW)
UAUR AYK Arkalyk [Arkalyk Airport], Qostanay, KZ (205 mi / 330 km W)
UA33 Arkalyk [Arkalyk North Airport], Qostanay, KZ (205 mi / 330 km W)
UASP PWQ Pavlodar [Pavlodar Airport], Pavlodar, KZ (253 mi / 406 km E)
UACP PPK Petropavl [Petropavl Airort (Petropavlovsk South Airport)], Soltüstik Qazaqstan, KZ (267 mi / 429 km N)
UA35 Petropavlovsk South, Soltüstik Qazaqstan, KZ (267 mi / 429 km N)
UNOO OMS Omsk [Tsentralny Airport], Omskaya, RU (274 mi / 441 km N)
UAKD DZN Zhezkazgan (Dzezkazgan) [Zhezkazgan Airport], Qaraghandy, KZ (291 mi / 469 km SW)
UNOK Kalachinsk, Omskaya, RU (297 mi / 478 km NE)
UAAH BXH Balkhash (Balqash) [Balkhash Airport], Qaraghandy, KZ (337 mi / 542 km SE)
USTM Ishim, Tyumenskaya, RU (354 mi / 569 km N)
UAUU KSN Kostanay (Kustanay) [Intl], Qostanay, KZ (363 mi / 585 km NW)
USUU KRO Kurgan [Kurgan Airport], Kurganskaya, RU (388 mi / 625 km NW)
UASS PLX Semey [Semey Airport (Semipalatinsk Airport)], Shyghys Qazaqstan, KZ (390 mi / 627 km E)
UNOT Tara [Tara Airport], Omskaya, RU (413 mi / 665 km N)

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