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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 50°00'N 85°00'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CWNZ Nagagami (MARS), Ontario, CA (41 mi / 66 km SE)
CNX3 Carey Lake [Carey Lake Airport], Ontario, CA (47 mi / 75 km E)
CNJ5 Hearst [Carey Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (47 mi / 75 km E)
CNJ6 Hornepayne [Hornepayne Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (57 mi / 91 km S)
CYHN YHN Hornepayne [Muni], Ontario, CA (57 mi / 91 km S)
CYHF YHF Hearst [Hearst (René Fontaine) Municipal], Ontario, CA (62 mi / 100 km E)
CND6 Hornepayne [Granitehill Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (63 mi / 101 km S)
CPU4 Manitouwadge [Manitouwadge General Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (71 mi / 114 km SW)
CTL9 Nakina [Lower Twin Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (71 mi / 115 km W)
CYMG YMG Manitouwadge [Manitouwadge Airport], Ontario, CA (74 mi / 119 km SW)
CYQN YQN Nakina [Nakina Airport], Ontario, CA (77 mi / 123 km W)
CNE7 Nakina [Nakina Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (77 mi / 124 km W)
CNE6 Geraldton [Hutchison Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (88 mi / 141 km W)
CYGQ YGQ Geraldton [Geraldton (Greenstone Regional) Airport], Ontario, CA (88 mi / 141 km W)
CPJ4 Geraldton [Geraldton District Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (89 mi / 144 km W)
YWR CNJ8 White River [White River Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (95 mi / 154 km S)
CYSP YSP Marathon [Marathon Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (105 mi / 169 km SW)
CPX2 Marathon [Marathon Wilson Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (108 mi / 174 km SW)
CYYU YYU Kapuskasing [Kapuskasing Airport], Ontario, CA (121 mi / 194 km E)
YOG CNT3 Ogoki Post, Ontario, CA (121 mi / 195 km N)

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