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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 5020'44"N 10820'46"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UIBE Erema, Irkutskaya, RU (696 mi / 1119 km N)
ZYJD JGD Jiagedaqi (Jagdaqi) [Jiagedaqi Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (696 mi / 1120 km E)
UNKB Boguchany' [Boguchany' Airport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU (707 mi / 1137 km NW)
UNKQ Krechet [Krechet Heliport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU (714 mi / 1150 km NW)
ZMUG ULO Ulaangom [Ulaangom Airport], Uvs, MN (721 mi / 1161 km W)
UNAU Shushenskoe (Kazancevo), Krasnoyarskiy, RU (727 mi / 1170 km NW)
UNIW Vanavara [Vanavara Airport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU (732 mi / 1177 km N)
ZBUH WUA Wuhai [Wuhai Regional], Inner Mongolia, CN (732 mi / 1179 km S)
ZBZJ ZQZ Zhangjiakou [Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport (Zhangjiakou AB)], Hubei, CN (736 mi / 1184 km SE)
GC0004 Jiuquan Space Launch Facility (Shuang Cheng-Tzu) [LA2], Inner Mongolia, CN (736 mi / 1184 km SW)
ZYQQ NDG Qiqihar [Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport], Heilongjiang, CN (741 mi / 1193 km E)
GC0017 Datong, Shaanxi, CN (753 mi / 1211 km S)
ZBDT DAT Datong, Shaanxi, CN (753 mi / 1211 km S)
ZBDS DSN Ordos (Dongsheng) [Ordos Ejin Horo Airport (Dongsheng Airport)], Inner Mongolia, CN (753 mi / 1212 km S)
ZBCF CIF Chifeng [Yulong Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (753 mi / 1212 km SE)
UNKK Krasnoyarsk (Severny'j), Krasnoyarskiy, RU (754 mi / 1213 km NW)
UEOQ Tyanya, Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (755 mi / 1214 km NE)
GC0005 Jiuquan Space Launch Facility (Hexixincun) [South Launch Center / LA4], Inner Mongolia, CN (756 mi / 1216 km SW)
UIKE ERG Erbogachen (Yerbogachen) [Erbogachen Airport], Irkutskaya, RU (756 mi / 1217 km N)
ZYBA DBC Baicheng [Chang'an], Jilin, CN (757 mi / 1219 km E)

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