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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 4934'N 122'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZLN Le Mans [Le Mans Railway Staiton], Pays de la Loire, FR (130 mi / 209 km SE)
EGLT Ascot [Ascot Racecourse Heliport], Berkshire, England, GB (132 mi / 212 km N)
QQX Bath [Railway Station], England, GB (133 mi / 213 km N)
LFER Redon [Bains-sur-Oust], Bretagne, FR (133 mi / 213 km S)
LFRM LME Le Mans [Arnage], Pays de la Loire, FR (133 mi / 214 km SE)
SWI Swindon, Berkshire, England, GB (133 mi / 215 km N)
(EGCR) London [Croydon Airport], England, GB (135 mi / 218 km NE)
(EGDT) Wroughton, Wiltshire, England, GB (136 mi / 218 km N)
EGHD PLH Plymouth [Roborough Airport], Devonshire, England, GB (136 mi / 218 km NW)
EGUO Colerne, Wiltshire, England, GB (136 mi / 218 km N)
EGLM White Waltham, Berkshire, England, GB (136 mi / 219 km N)
LFFY Etrepagny, Haute-Normandie, FR (137 mi / 220 km E)
EGKB BQH Bromley [London Biggin Hill (RAF Biggin Hill)], Kent, England, GB (137 mi / 220 km NE)
EGDL Lyneham [RAF Lyneham], Wiltshire, England, GB (Code changed to EGDL.OLD)
(EGDL) (LYE) Lyneham [RAF Lyneham], Wiltshire, England, GB (137 mi / 220 km N)
LFON Dreux / Vernouillet, Centre, FR (137 mi / 221 km SE)
EGLL LHR London [Heathrow Airport], Middlesex, England, GB (138 mi / 222 km N)
EGGD BRS Bristol [Bristol Intl (Lulsgate)], Somerset, England, GB (139 mi / 224 km NW)
EG71 Hayes [Hayes Heliport], Middlesex, England, GB (140 mi / 226 km N)
EGMD LYX Lydd [London Ashford Intl (Ferryfield)], Kent, England, GB (140 mi / 226 km NE)

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