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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 4606'31"N 6447'01"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CLW3 Waverley [Lake William Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (108 mi / 174 km SE)
CCF3 Hopewell, Nova Scotia, CA (109 mi / 175 km SE)
CNG2 New Glasgow , [New Glasgow Aberdeen Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (110 mi / 177 km E)
CYTN Trenton [Muni], Nova Scotia, CA (110 mi / 177 km E)
CDA4 Pokemouche [Pokemouche Airport], New Brunswick, CA (111 mi / 179 km N)
CCF9 Fredericton [Scottsfield Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (112 mi / 180 km W)
CCZ5 Thorburn [Thorburn Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (112 mi / 181 km E)
CDG2 Digby [Digby General Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (114 mi / 183 km SW)
CZBF ZBF Bathurst [Bathurst Airport], New Brunswick, CA (114 mi / 184 km NW)
CDL8 Centredale [Centredale Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (115 mi / 185 km SE)
CLL2 Langille Lake [Langille Lake Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (116 mi / 186 km S)
CHQE Halifax [Halifax QE II Health Sciences Centre Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (117 mi / 188 km SE)
(YWF) Halifax [Downtown Waterfront Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (117 mi / 188 km SE)
CIW2 Halifax [Halifax IWK Health Centre Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (117 mi / 189 km SE)
XDG Halifax [Railway Station], Nova Scotia, CA (117 mi / 189 km SE)
CCX3 Brockway [Brockway Airport], New Brunswick, CA (118 mi / 190 km W)
CCE3 Juniper [Juniper Airport], New Brunswick, CA (118 mi / 190 km W)
CHS7 Halifax [Halifax South End Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (118 mi / 191 km SE)
CYID YDG Digby [Annapolis Regional Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (118 mi / 191 km SW)
CYAW Shearwater [CFB Shearwater (Halifax/Shearwater Heliport)], Nova Scotia, CA (119 mi / 192 km SE)

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