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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 44°37'51"N 63°34'52"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ME27 Glenburn [Double A SPB], Maine, US (257 mi / 414 km W)
06B Bangor [Lucky Landing Marina and SPB], Maine, US (258 mi / 415 km W)
KBGR BGR BGR Bangor [Intl], Maine, US (259 mi / 416 km W)
KPQI PQI PQI Presque Isle [Intl], Maine, US (259 mi / 416 km NW)
KMLT MLT MLT Millinocket [Muni], Maine, US (259 mi / 417 km W)
83B Presque Isle [Presque Isle SPB], Maine, US (260 mi / 418 km NW)
CCK3 Grand Falls [Grand Falls Airport], New Brunswick, CA (260 mi / 419 km NW)
ME50 Millinocket [Millinocket Regional Heliport], Maine, US (261 mi / 420 km W)
XDL Chandler [Railway Station], Québec, CA (262 mi / 421 km N)
ME55 Vinalhaven, Maine, US (262 mi / 422 km W)
KAWW Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument [Katahdin Woods and Waters NM], Maine, US (262 mi / 422 km W)
LIZ ME16 Limestone [Loring Intl], Maine, US (262 mi / 422 km NW)
85B Patten [Shin Pond SPB], Maine, US (263 mi / 423 km NW)
CTG3 Du Rocher-Perce [Pabok], Québec, CA (263 mi / 424 km N)
CWRZ Cap d'Espoir (MAPS), Québec, CA (264 mi / 425 km N)
ME41 North Haven [Witherspoons Landing Strip, Inc.], Maine, US (264 mi / 425 km W)
2ME2 North Haven [North Haven Heliport], Maine, US (264 mi / 425 km W)
57B Islesboro, Maine, US (264 mi / 426 km W)
KCAR CAR CAR Caribou [Muni], Maine, US (264 mi / 426 km NW)
XFG Percé [Railway Station], Québec, CA (265 mi / 427 km N)

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