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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 44°18'36"N 73°21'09"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CSQ5 Howick, Québec, CA (67 mi / 108 km NW)
VT63 North Troy [Douglas Field], Vermont, US (67 mi / 108 km NE)
VT60 West Pawlett [Hulett Landing Strip], Vermont, US (68 mi / 109 km S)
CYJN YJN St-Jean-sur-Richelieu [St-Jean Airport (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Airport)], Québec, CA (68 mi / 110 km N)
KGFL GFL GFL Glens Falls [Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport], New York, US (68 mi / 110 km S)
CSK4 Mansonville, Québec, CA (68 mi / 110 km NE)
KEFK EFK EFK Newport [Northeast Kingdom Intl], Vermont, US (68 mi / 110 km NE)
KCDA LLX CDA Lyndonville [Caledonia County Airport], Vermont, US (68 mi / 110 km E)
5B9 Haverhill [Dean Memorial Airport], New Hampshire, US (69 mi / 110 km E)
CWXF Sutton Junction (MARS), Québec, CA (69 mi / 111 km NE)
NH82 Lebanon [Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Heliport], New Hampshire, US (69 mi / 112 km SE)
CSN7 Farnham [Farnham Airport], Québec, CA (69 mi / 112 km N)
46NH Orford [Upper Valley Heliport], New Hampshire, US (70 mi / 112 km SE)
KLEB LEB LEB Lebanon [Muni], New Hampshire, US (70 mi / 113 km SE)
CDD3 Sainte-Agnès-De-Dundee [Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee Aerodrome], Québec, CA (71 mi / 114 km NW)
10NK Glens Falls [Glens Falls Hospital Heliport], New York, US (71 mi / 114 km S)
VT56 West Burke [West Burke Aerodrome], Vermont, US (71 mi / 114 km E)
27NH Hanover [Phantom One Heliport], New Hampshire, US (72 mi / 116 km SE)
VT70 Newport [North Country Hospital Heliport], Vermont, US (72 mi / 116 km NE)
26NH Lebanon [Phantom Two Heliport], New Hampshire, US (72 mi / 117 km SE)

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