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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 4400'58"N 11655'17"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
37OR Starkey [Vey Sheep Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (104 mi / 168 km NW)
KGCD JDA GCD John Day [Grant Co. Regional/Ogilvie Field], Oregon, US (105 mi / 169 km W)
ID88 Hill City [Tracy Ranch Airport], Idaho, US (105 mi / 169 km SE)
3U1 Warren [Warren Airport (USFS)], Idaho, US (106 mi / 170 km NE)
KBNO BNO BNO Burns [Muni], Oregon, US (106 mi / 170 km W)
U87 Smiley Creek, Idaho, US (106 mi / 171 km E)
1DA Lucile [Big Bar Airport], Idaho, US (107 mi / 172 km N)
2U8 Stanley [Thomas Creek Airport], Idaho, US (107 mi / 172 km NE)
01OR La Grande [Grande Ronde Hospital EMS Heliport], Oregon, US (107 mi / 173 km NW)
OR08 Diamond [Barton Lake Ranch Airport], Oregon, US (107 mi / 173 km SW)
U89 Glenns Ferry [Muni], Idaho, US (109 mi / 175 km SE)
ID8 Challis [Marble Creek Airport], Idaho, US (109 mi / 176 km NE)
3ID4 Glenns Ferry [Health Center Heliport], Idaho, US (109 mi / 176 km SE)
U60 Big Creek, Idaho, US (110 mi / 178 km NE)
54U Big Creek [Big Creek Heliport], Idaho, US (111 mi / 178 km NE)
KREO REO REO Rome [Rome State Airport], Oregon, US (111 mi / 178 km SW)
71OR Seneca [Cerny Airport], Oregon, US (111 mi / 178 km W)
0U3 Mahoney Creek [Mahoney Creek USFS Airport], Idaho, US (111 mi / 179 km NE)
D47 Challis [Cougar Ranch Airport], Idaho, US (111 mi / 179 km NE)
U72 Challis [Upper Loon Creek USFS Airport], Idaho, US (111 mi / 179 km E)

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