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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 43°55'N 12°39'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GC0105 Torraccia [Torraccia Airfield], SM (7 mi / 12 km W)
LIPR RMI Rimini [Federico Fellini Intl], Emilia-Romagna, IT (7 mi / 12 km N)
GC0041 Borgo Maggiore [Borgo Maggiore Intl Heliport], SM (10 mi / 17 km W)
LIDF Fano, IT (20 mi / 32 km E)
LIPC Cervia (Ravenna) [Cervia AFB (G. Cenni)], Emilia-Romagna, IT (27 mi / 44 km NW)
LIVF Frontone, IT (28 mi / 45 km S)
LIPK FRL Forlė [Forlė Airport (Luigi Ridolfi Airport)], Emilia-Romagna, IT (35 mi / 56 km NW)
LIDR RAN Ravenna [La Spreta (Ravenna Aero Club)], Emilia-Romagna, IT (37 mi / 60 km NW)
LIVM Point Marina/Ravenna (Marino di Ravenna), IT (41 mi / 66 km NW)
LIPY AOI Ancona [Falconara], Marche, IT (41 mi / 66 km SE)
LIQB QZO Arezzo [Arezzo-Molin Bianco Airport], Tuscany, IT (51 mi / 83 km SW)
LIDG Lugo di Romagna, IT (52 mi / 84 km NW)
LIRZ PEG Perugia [Perugia San Francesco d'Assisi (Umbria Intl, Sant'Egidio)], Umbria, IT (57 mi / 92 km S)
LIKO Ozzano dell'Emilia [Guglielmo Zamboni], Emilia-Romagna, IT (67 mi / 108 km NW)
LIAF Foligno, IT (68 mi / 109 km S)
ZMS Florence (Firenze) [Santa Maria Novella Railway Station], Tuscany, IT (71 mi / 114 km W)
LIRQ FLR Florence (Firenze) [Peretola (Amerigo Vespucci)], Tuscany, IT (73 mi / 117 km W)
LIDV Prati Vecchi di Aguscello, IT (77 mi / 124 km NW)
LIPE BLQ Bologna [Guglielmo Marconi (Borgo Panigale)], Emilia-Romagna, IT (80 mi / 129 km NW)
LIPF Ferrara [S Luca], IT (81 mi / 130 km NW)

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