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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 4354'56"N 6605'16"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ME50 Millinocket [Millinocket Regional Heliport], Maine, US (176 mi / 284 km NW)
ME32 Sangerville [Ruby Field], Maine, US (176 mi / 284 km NW)
CRM4 Cormier-Village [Cormier Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (177 mi / 286 km NE)
CSB5 Shediac Bridge-Shediac River [Shediac Bridge Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (178 mi / 286 km NE)
ME85 Dover Foxcroft [Riverside SPB], Maine, US (178 mi / 287 km NW)
ME62 Pittsfield [Thompson Memorial Field], Maine, US (179 mi / 287 km W)
44B Dover/Foxcroft [Charles A Chase Jr. Memorial Field], Maine, US (179 mi / 287 km NW)
ME43 Dover-Foxcroft [Mayo Regional Hospital Heliport], Maine, US (179 mi / 287 km NW)
ME47 Hartland [Payne Field], Maine, US (179 mi / 288 km W)
89ME Vassalboro [Fox Field], Maine, US (181 mi / 291 km W)
KIWI ISS IWI Wiscasset, Maine, US (181 mi / 291 km W)
ME20 Fairfield [Bob-Mar Airport], Maine, US (182 mi / 292 km W)
CDU6 Doaktown [Doaktown Airport], New Brunswick, CA (182 mi / 293 km N)
1ME2 Waterville [Maine General Medical Center-Waterville Heliport], Maine, US (182 mi / 293 km W)
KWVL WVL WVL Waterville [Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport], Maine, US (183 mi / 295 km W)
70B Millinocket [Millinocket SPB], Maine, US (184 mi / 297 km NW)
ME70 Cambridge [Greenfield Hill Airport], Maine, US (185 mi / 297 km NW)
78B Norcross (Millinocket) [Buckhorn Camps SPB], Maine, US (185 mi / 298 km NW)
CDA2 Tatamagouche [Tatamagouche Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (185 mi / 298 km NE)
M00 Augusta [Augusta SPB], Maine, US (185 mi / 298 km W)

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