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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 4350'N 7930'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
78NY Pendleton [Flying F Airport], New York, US (63 mi / 102 km SE)
NY49 Niagara Falls [Mesmer Airport], New York, US (64 mi / 102 km SE)
CPA9 Dunnville [Dunnville Haldimand War Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (64 mi / 103 km S)
CLB2 Plattsville [Plattsville (Lubitz Flying Field) Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (64 mi / 103 km SW)
CWD2 Collingwood [Alta Heliport], Ontario, CA (64 mi / 103 km NW)
CPR3 Palmerston, Ontario, CA (64 mi / 103 km W)
CYFD Brantford [Brantford Airport], Ontario, CA (64 mi / 103 km SW)
0G0 Lockport [North Buffalo Suburban Airport], New York, US (64 mi / 104 km SE)
9G5 Gasport [Royalton Airport], New York, US (65 mi / 105 km SE)
CND8 Gore's Landing, Ontario, CA (65 mi / 105 km E)
CPU5 Orillia [Matchedash Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 106 km N)
CNB4 Cobourg [Cobourg Northumberland Hills Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 106 km E)
CNU3 Peterborough [Peterborough Regional Health Centre Heliport], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 106 km NE)
CPW6 Midland [Midland Huronia District Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 106 km N)
CPA6 Hagersville [Hagersville West Haldimand General Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 107 km SW)
CPE5 Port Colborne, Ontario, CA (66 mi / 107 km S)
CPD9 Markdale [Markdale Centre Grey General Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (66 mi / 107 km NW)
CDU9 Dunnville [Dunnville Airport], Ontario, CA (67 mi / 107 km S)
CNX7 Port Stanton [Sparrow Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (67 mi / 108 km N)
D51 Buffalo [Clarence Aerodrome], New York, US (67 mi / 108 km SE)

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