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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 43°17'09"N 16°40'36"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LOWK KLU Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (259 mi / 416 km NW)
LOXK Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (Code changed to LOWK)
LOKA Klagenfurt am Wörthersee [Klinkum Klagenfurt LKH], Kärnten, AT (259 mi / 416 km NW)
LIPV Venice (Venezia) [Venice-Lido Airport (Giovanni Nicelli Airport, San Nicolò Airport], Veneto, IT (259 mi / 417 km NW)
LOKW Wolfsberg [Wolfsberg Airport], Kärnten, AT (260 mi / 419 km N)
LJBO Bovec [Tolmin], SI (260 mi / 419 km NW)
LYNI INI Nis [Constantine the Great Intl (Medosevac)], RS (261 mi / 420 km E)
LIQJ Civitavecchia, IT (261 mi / 421 km W)
LOGF Fürstenfeld, Steiermark, AT (262 mi / 422 km N)
LOWG GRZ Graz [Intl (Thalerhof)], Steiermark, AT (263 mi / 423 km N)
LOXG Graz [Intl (Thalerhof)], Steiermark, AT (Alias for LOWG)
LIPZ VCE Venice (Venezia) [Marco Polo Airport (Tessera)], Veneto, IT (263 mi / 424 km NW)
LYVR Vrsac, RS (263 mi / 424 km NE)
LHUD Szeged [Szeged Airport], Csongrád, HU (265 mi / 426 km NE)
LW67 Kumanovo, MK (267 mi / 430 km E)
LOGG Punitz [Punitz-Güssing Airport], Burgenland, AT (267 mi / 430 km N)
LHST Szatymaz [Szatymaz Airport], Csongrád, HU (267 mi / 430 km NE)
LWSK SKP Skopje (Petrovec) [Skopje Alexander the Great Intl], MK (268 mi / 431 km E)
LOKT Villach [Villach LKH], Kärnten, AT (268 mi / 432 km NW)
LOKF Feldkirchen in Kärnten (Ossiachersee), Kärnten, AT (268 mi / 432 km NW)

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